Auto Featured Image From Title is a WordPress plugin which automatically generates an image for each post from the post title and sets it as the featured image. The image will then be included in your theme wherever the featured image for the post is called for. In the paid version, you can have the plugin add a background image to your Featured Image from Unsplash.

For programmatic SEO websites, you’ll be able to bulk-generate the featured images for your posts. As they describe “On the plugin’s settings page is a utility to bulk generate featured images for all previous posts and pages that don’t have featured images set in WordPress yet. With this utility, featured images are created in batches of five images at a time, at which time the page will refresh to create another five images, and so on until all of the featured images have been generated for all of the posts. Depending on how many posts you have in WordPress and how many posts need featured images, this can be resource intensive, which may cause your host to time-out. Therefore, there is also an option to set a delay (in seconds) between batches, which will allow the server to catch up and prevent time-outs, and all of your featured images will be generated worry-free. Included in paid versions.”

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