Through this product, you’ll receive:

1. My Bulk Publishing Framework
2. My AI-Integrated Google Sheet ( aka spreadsheet on steroids!)

What is Bulk Publishing??

Bulk Publishing is a happy medium between programmatic SEO and informational content.

It makes the most of those keyword variations, such as, can cats eat cheese, can cats eat rice, can cats eat roast beef, etc., and turns them into a system.

This is the same system I’ve been using to publish 20-30 quality articles a day! 

The only limit is your imagination (and keyword research!)

AI-Integrated Google Sheet: What Does It Do?

The spreadsheet has 4 in-built GPT functions and up to 10 custom prompts.


=GETANSWER : Answer PAA or FAQs for rows of questions.

=GETTITLE : Generate an engaging headline for multiple rows of keywords at once.

=GETPARA : Generate a paragraph for any query, keyword or heading

=GETSUMMARY : Summarise complex research or a chunk of text into a set of unique bullet points at an 8th Grade Level

Your custom prompts can be anything and they can be set and changed at any time in the front end of your sheet. Some of my favorites are “rewrite this in a more human-sounding tone,” and, “put this in a html list”.

All the AI features you love, all within Google Sheets!

And, as much as I love “concatenate,” I haven’t had to use it nearly as much, I just generate whatever I need for that variation of the keyword!

What You Get

I have packaged this together with my Bulk Publishing Framework as they go hand in hand for the smart, creative niche site owner who is ready to take growth-hacking seriously 😏

In this mini-course, I also show you exactly how I use this killer combo and provide you with some examples of how to find the types of keywords that work best with this approach and how to break them down so you are turning them into quality outlines and posts.

I also go over how to publish them all at once using WP All Import (free) and what to do about internal linking and featured images

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