Home Depot has created location-specific pages for their stores that include (referenced from this article):

  1. The name of the store and store number (Northlake #1919)
  2. They aggregate and share first-party reviews for each location, creating unique and very valuable content
  3. Contact information for the store
  4. Hours of operation (which varies by location)
  5. The address
  6. Curbside pickup requests
  7. Features and amenities specific to this store (Northlake)
  8. Specials, discounts, and deals that are specific to this store (incentivizing shoppers to browse and shop)
  9. Nearby stores (useful in the event that this particular store is out of a specific product)
  10. Trending items in the neighborhood (incredibly useful when you’re searching for a snowblower or sump pump and every other store is sold out)
  11. A breakdown of store-specific features and amenities
  12. An FAQ with common questions

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